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Educational Advisor / Consultant

A Link-Up Consultant (LC) will offer our FREE Social Networking Services to a Junior High, High School, Community Organization or Educational Program. If a client requests additional services, the LC will perform the following duties: • Sell Full College Bus Tour Packages• Conduct and finalize all financial obligations• Offer College Tour Owners Full management and fundraising support• Provide on location Faculty Social Network System Training (8 hours)• Enroll students into system• Attain local & national strategic business partners

  • Salary
    $0 with commission
  • Location
    Manhattan, NY
  • Time
  • Experience
    1+ Year Required
  • Industry
    Education Management
  • Travel
    20% Travel

Job Location

Manhattan, New York 11693 United States
  • Details

  • Job Responsibilities

    • Client Presentations
    • Maintain a directory of all clients
    • Attend college fairs and community organization programs
  • Job Requirements

    • Education: Associate's Degree
    • Employment: Entry level
  • Job Benefits

    • Total Benefits: Incentive Pay, Long-Term Incentives
    • Additional Benefits: Cash Bonus Rewards Program, Paid Vacation, Holiday Schedule
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