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Fingerprint Operations Workstation Operator (Static)

The fingerprint workstation operator is responsible for the acquisition, storage and transmission of fingerprint images and related demographics for non-criminal applicants within the state of New Jersey. Operators will perform general and specialized tasks associated with the electronic fingerprint capture process. Other duties will be assigned as required.

The fingerprint operator will be interacting with applicants on a continual basis which requires excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to conduct oneself in a positive and professional manner at all times. Operators must be able to fully comply with operations, security, financial and personnel policies and procedures as defined by company management.

  • Salary
    To Be Determined
  • Location
    Sparta, NJ
  • Time
  • Experience
    1+ Year Required
  • Industry
  • Travel
    <10% Travel

About MorphoTrak

MorphoTrak provides biometric and identity management solutions to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Formed in April 2009 from the merger of Sagem Morpho, Inc and Motorola's biometric division, Printrak, MorphoTrak employs over 450 persons. MorphoTrak headquarters are located near Washington D.C., with major corporate facilities in Anaheim, CA and Tacoma, WA, and regional facilities throughout the U.S.

Job Location

Sparta, New Jersey 07871 United States
  • Details

  • Job Responsibilities

    • Includes greeting and coordination of applicant customers, verifying applicant identification, coordination with applicant and MorphoTrak management to resolve client issues related to scheduling, and ensuring that the customer provides and receives required paperwork.
    • Responsible for 100% verification of demographic data for applicants. This includes on-screen verification of customer specific fields known to applicants (i.e., name, address, place of birth, physical characteristics, etc.) and visual screen to form verification of agency specific fields (ORI, authorizing statute, contributor case numbers, etc.)
    • Responsible for the electronic capture of ten rolled finger images and 4 plain impression blocks. This includes proper placement of fingers on the capture device, 100% visual inspection to confirm quality of the images being captured and verification of correct placement of images in the proper blocks. This task also includes thorough documentation via fingerprint annotations of physical abnormalities that may impact the ability to capture good prints and notation of amputated and bandaged fingers.
    • Responsible for collection of funds from applicants, preparation of transmittal reports on a daily basis, and preparing funds for deposit.
    • Responsible for preparation of daily no show lists in compliance with defined format. Responsible for ad hoc reporting as assigned.
    • Responsible for equipment monitoring to ensure that all mechanical and software problems are reported through the proper channels. Operator is also responsible for monitoring their inventory supplies on a weekly basis to ensure that they have sufficient stock of all items necessary to complete assigned tasks in an uninterrupted manner. The operator is also responsible for ensuring that all equipment issued to them is transported and stored in a secure manner.
  • Job Requirements

    • Education: High School Diploma
    • Employment: Associate
    • Demonstrated experience in a customer service environment.
    • Basic computer skills including the ability to use a PC based workstation.
    • Data entry experience.
    • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows with emphasis on Word and Excel.
    • Verifiable confirmation of excellent attendance from previous employers a plus.
    • Fluent in additional language, desired.
    • Experience with Electronic Fingerprint Image Capture, desired.
    • Must be able to pass a New Jersey State Police background check.
    • Valid Drivers License.
    • Willingness to work at alternate worksites when required to meet varying customer volume requirements; reliable transportation required.
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