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Software Development Engineer

Designing, coding and debugging applications
Write front-end and back-end components of the Apache powered software for user-facing (UI) and API interfaces
Create unit tests that will co-exist with the application code

  • Salary
    To Be Determined
  • Location
    Whippany, NJ
  • Time
    Full Time
  • Experience
    5+ Years Required
  • Industry
  • Travel
    <10% Travel

About WhipTail Technologies

In 2008, WHIPTAIL was born in New Jersey with the goal of changing the way computing was supported. As an IT consultant, Founder James Candelaria grew tired of watching his enterprise clients pour money, almost blindly, into provisioning more and more (and more) rotational storage simply to achieve minimal performance increases. He wanted to transform the storage industry, targeting the most demanding and costly applications, and he did this by bringing together flash-based drives and enhancing software. Accelerating data to unforeseen speeds, WHIPTAIL’s silicon storage arrays have finally, and mercifully, broken free of the most limiting factors posed by traditional spinning disks. It’s not one of the many “almost-but-not-quite” technologies flooding the market, such as caching appliances and individual acceleration cards, which offer little more than a cost-ineffective strategy whose performance is dramatically weighed down by the HDD controllers. Instead, WHIPTAIL offers a distinct value proposition at both ends of the spectrum•increased performance with the elimination of wasteful spend. This is what we do. And this is why we do it.

Job Location

Whippany, New Jersey United States
  • Details

  • Job Requirements

    • Education: Not Required
    • Employment: Not Applicable
    • 5 or more years’ experience in PHP or Python OO programming
    • Familiarity with OO design patterns
    • Deep knowledge of JS OO programming
    • Familiarity with CSS and cross browser compatibility issues
    • Deep knowledge of *NIX system environment
    • Proficiency in bash-shell scripting
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